Frozen Juice

Frozen juice
Organic or conventional

Lime juice – Lemon juice – Ginger juice – Pink Grape juice

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Why choose frozen juice

Organic all year

With the frozen juice we can provide organic juice all year around.
We select the best fruits of the season and squeeze it when the flavor is perfect.


The juice is 100% natural – We freeze instead of pasteurizing.

12 months shelf life

Freezing the juice bottles quick, provides a longer shelf life.

Less work

Fewer purchases and easier logistics because of a long shelf life. Quick response to unexpected demand.


100% Natural

We freeze the cold-pressed juice instead of pasteurizing.
We wash the fruit by hand and then gently squeeze it. Afterwards we filter it twice and bottle the juice. 

When the juice is ready and bottled – we drive it directly into our freezer.


We export the frozen juice to Faroe Islands and Norwegian market. 

 Maybe you could be our new adventure?


European customers please contact us direct:

Daniel Szylit (Owner) // +45 31 13 96 65

Danish customers can buy our products at: