The founder & owner Daniel Szylit started the company in 2016. Daniel wanted to make high quality fresh squeezed juice for the cocktail and food industry. After the first year with no sleep but a lot of courage Daniel started to understand the challenges in the market and the customers needs.
The customers wanted a stabile price and 100% natural cold-pressed juice all year – which is difficult because of the natural season on the fruit market. The solution was frozen cold-pressed juice in 1 and 5 liters containers.
This solution gave his customers a high quality product and a stabile price. The customers could now storage cold-pressed juice and act on increasing demand. Two years later a big part of the Danish market has learned to understand the advantage and quality of the frozen juice, compared to the freshly squeezed juice. And in 2018 BAR DJUS starts to export the frozen juice outside the borders. The journey has only just begun…


We export the frozen juice to Faroe Islands and Norwegian market. 

 Maybe you could be our new adventure?

Daniel Szylit (Owner) 

+45 31 13 96 65